About Us

Our Mission statement is “Transformational development of the people through participatory practices on sustained basis".

Welcome to Sky Charitable Trust

Sky Charitable Trust is a non-profit voluntary organization working for the cause of down trodden and suppressed people. We work without any discrimination of caste, religion, creed and gender etc.

Our aim is that the people become aware of their own identity and thus they themselves can fight for their rights. We are committed to the empowerment of the details and other weaker sections. We give special emphasis on the development of SCs & STs. Illiteracy has made the people slaves in their attitudes and behaviors. Sky Charitable Trust is making an important contribution towards strengthening the identity and visibility of internal migrant workers and their families. Sky Charitable Trust is a Bihar & Jharkhand based non-for-profit focused on community development and capacity building within the local migrant and low-socioeconomic community. Their mission is to ensure a sustainable living environment for migrant and poor families through the provision of nutrition, education, health, vocational and life skills training and counselling services.

Lets Change the world we all together, join us now